Next Sketch guides its clients during the earliest stages of product development. Taking anything from a rough napkin sketch idea to an engineered design, and refining that concept for further development. This process entails research, concept sketching, and the beginnings of Computer Aided Design (CAD). This process allows our clients to flesh out their idea to discover potential challenges and practical solutions. 



 We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed about all aspects of product development. Not only as it pertains to our services, but what our clients can expect after Next Sketch. We assist our clients throughout the hardware product development life cycle. Helping them decide on feasibility, potential costs, and optimal outcome.



Next Sketch takes its client’s ideas to the next phase of the product development cycle - bringing their vision to reality. This is achieved by designing for various prototyping methods including low and high fidelity 3D printing, laser cutting, welding, and CNC machining. We are able to apply the best method of fabrication to bring our client’s vision to life. This process reduces costs and time to market by addressing and correcting manufacturing issues early.