Product Features

  • Safe

    When worn with a mask, FaceGuard protects your face from droplets potentially carrying COVID-19. The shield also prevents wearers from touching their own face, a common mode of transmission.

  • Simple

    Sleek and minimal design. We still see YOU while you protect yourself during customer interaction.

  • Comfortable

    Silicone edges, contoured foam, soft headband - this shield was created for all day comfort.

  • Resusable

    FaceGuard is an everyday shield to protect your face without the environmental impact of disposable shields.

  • Reusable

    The FaceGuard is made of highly durable plastic to be worn again and again. Be sure to clean with soap & water between uses.

  • Everyday Wear

    FaceGuard can be worn anywhere virus transmission is a risk. 

  • Workplace Protection

    Protect your health while working with the public